M&M Mining & Industrial Supplies combines a wealth of experience, qualifications, entrepreneurial enthusiasm and the expertise of a
dynamic team of individuals. Offering clients unquestionable service excellence with the widest range of high quality, approved products
complying with all industry standards and requirements, supplied timeously as well as cost effectively endeavouring to exceed client
expectations at all times.


To become one of the leading real black economic empowerment companies within the mining and industrial sectors locally, provincially
and nationally.


That M&M Mining & Industrial Supplies conforms with and aligns itself to the following principles:

* Being acceptable as a business partner and can form joint ventures with    other companies locally and nationally;
* Reflecting the National Government objective of empowering youth and    women;
* Adhering to business practices that support the vision of Black Empowerment    for broad participation with other companies;
* Contributing towards the development of the South African economy through    massive job creation;
* Involving the local communities in Company development programmes;
* Adhere to business practices that support the vision of empowerment    through its policies, procurement practices and
   the ongoing development of its staff.

Product & Equipment Supply

* Sourcing, supplying and the distribution of all Mining Equipment, this ranging    from Personal Protection Equipment, Tools, Pumps,
   Hydraulic Machines, Welding Equipment, etc
* Sourcing, supplying and the distribution of all various kinds and makes of    Lubricants required and specified by clients
* Sourcing, supplying and the distribution of Industrial Cleaning Equipment and    Materials
* Sourcing, supplying, stock holding and the distribution of all specified Safety    Clothing (i.e. Overalls, Gloves, Hard Hats, Reflective
   Vests, Earplugs, Gumboots, Goggles, Safety Spectacles, Safety Shoes, White    Boiler Suites, Belt Cap Lamps, Dust Masks, Kidney
   Belts, First Aid Boxes etc)
* Sourcing, manufacturing, supplying and the distribution of all Safety Signage,    for use both above and underground

Servicing & Maintenance of Equipment

* Understanding the financial and productivity implications and losses related
   to equipment breakdowns and "down time" M&M established
   a full service workshop to assist with the timeous repairs, servicing and    maintenance of equipment, specifically focusing on all kinds
   of hydraulic systems and pumps.

Equipment Rental

* As part of providing a more comprehensive basket of products and services    to the mining and industrial sectors, M&M procured and
   has embarked on making available specific equipment and machinery for    rental to the industry on either a fixed term or on a "as and
   when" required basis for shorter periods of time. Equipment currently    available for rental include TC36 Drilling Machines and its
   accessories, Bobcat Earthmoving Equipment, etc.

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